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Code 3 MR6 Quad Color LED Surface Mount Lighthead

The MR24 delivers exceptional straight-on and off-angle performance with Total Internal Reflector (TIR) or linear optics technology. These versatile LEDs offer the flexibility of four mounting options – surface mount, tilt bracket, self-adhesive mount, and edge mount – to mount virtually anywhere on police, fire and other emergency vehicles.

This is a quad color LED and can display all four colors individually.

Features include a water-resistant design, phase syncing and sync function with other Code 3 warning lights.

Brackets included for Surface Mount, Edge Mount with 30° Adjustable Pivoting

5 Year No Hassle Warranty


Code 3

Code 3 Covert Lightbar

The Covert™ lightbar provides exceptional warning and off-angle performance with its dual- or tri-color LEDs. At only 1.6 inches high, this discreet lightbar delivers intense output and compliments the unit’s roofline. Engineered for easy installation and customization, choose from multiple lengths and five top-cover colors to meet the fleet’s requirements. Program as many flash patterns and color combinations as needed with an intuitive click, drag, drop software interface.


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Code 3 MR6 Quad Color LED Multi Mount.

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