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Code 3 Z3S Matrix® Siren, Push Button

The Z3S™ Siren’s intuitive design efficiently integrates the unit’s emergency warning systems. The controller has three distinct zones: sirens and primary lighting, auxiliary devices and traffic or warning function. Adjust backlight brightness and public address microphone to accommodate various light and noise conditions. Additional features include a built-in battery voltage check, sleep mode timer and configurable buttons to control auxiliary or siren functions via Matrix® software.


Code 3

Code 3 Covert Lightbar

The Covert™ lightbar provides exceptional warning and off-angle performance with its dual- or tri-color LEDs. At only 1.6 inches high, this discreet lightbar delivers intense output and compliments the unit’s roofline. Engineered for easy installation and customization, choose from multiple lengths and five top-cover colors to meet the fleet’s requirements. Program as many flash patterns and color combinations as needed with an intuitive click, drag, drop software interface.


  • LEDs
  • Lightbars
  • Sirens
  • Beacons
  • Scene
  • Traffic
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Code 3 Z3 Matrix Push Button Siren.

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