Code 3 Z3S Matrix® Siren, Push Button

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Z3 Serial With Push Button Control Head
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The Z3S™ Siren’s intuitive design efficiently integrates the unit’s emergency warning systems. The controller has three distinct zones: sirens and primary lighting, auxiliary devices and traffic or warning function. Adjust backlight brightness and public address microphone to accommodate various light and noise conditions. Additional features include a built-in battery voltage check, sleep mode timer and configurable buttons to control auxiliary or siren functions via Matrix® software.


  • 18 configurable outputs; 2 – 20A, 8 – 10A, 8 – 500mA
  • 13 configurable inputs
  • Push button or rotary control head
  • Customized patterns available to be programmed for ArrowStik® through Matrix software®


  • VOLTS | AMPS: 12V | 1.9A
  • WATTS: 200W / 300W
  • DIMS: 3.3” H x 6.8” L x 1” D | 84mm H x 172mm L x 27mm D (control head)

4” H x 9.75” L x 6.8” D | 100mm H x 248mm L x 172mm D (amplifier)

  • CERTS: J1849, CA T13, R10

5 year warranty

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Z3S Matrix Siren (834.49 kB)
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