Whelen M6 Series Back Up Light

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This M6 Series is the only M shape designed for use as a back up light. The unit has 8 LEDs that emit a strong warning that the vehicle is reversing. It's updated design allows it to be installed quickly and easily with two screws. It is backed by a Whelen five year warranty. 
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The Whelen M6 Series Back Up Light (M6BUW) is the only Linear-LED lighthead with the unique M series shape designed to be used specifically as a back up light. The unique lens shape is completely illuminated with patented Linear-LED designed reflector assembly, unlike older designs that may have 'dead spots' or 'hot spots'. The lens and reflector are a sealed assembly to stand-up to the harsh environments and standards of the industry while providing top of the line performance!


  • 8 Super-LEDs output a seriously bright warning that the vehicle is backing up.
  • Surface mounted via two screws.
  • Super-LEDs provide unmatched high intensity warning, low current consumption.
  • Lens and reflector are a sealed assembly.
  • Lighthead is designed with the mounting screws located outside of the sealed lens/reflector assembly, eliminating water infiltration.
  • Replaceable light engine is accessed from the rear of the lens/reflector assembly.
  • Built-on rear gasket insures that the lighthead and optional flange does not touch the vehicle’s surface, preventing contact.
  • Updated design allows for faster and easier installation.
  • Meets SAE J593C - Back-up Lamps (Reversing Lamps) (Feb 68).
  • Hard coating on lenses resist scratches, chemical and corrosive damage.
  • Size: 6-3/4' Long X 4-5/16' High, Protrudes 1-3/8'.
  • Current Draw: 1.6 Amps @ 12.8 VDC.
  • Optional Black or Chrome flange available.

Whelen Five Year Heavy-Duty Professional Warranty

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