Whelen 8 TIR3 Super-LED Traffic Advisor & Control Head

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The Whelen 8 TIR3 Super-LED Traffic Advisor & Control Head (TAM83) is another state of the art Traffic Advisor to help protect your vehicle from rear end collisions. This LED Traffic Advisor alerts approaching traffic to hazardous vehicle situations and can also indicate the correct traffic flow direction with its bright signal sequencing. These high intensity LEDs are rated for over 100,000 hours of service and have very low current consumption. Four operating modes (left, right, split and flash) are selected from a compact, remote control console. The control head's rear panel dip switch provides six unique flash pattern choices such as Single Lamp Sequence, Sequence On/Sequence Off, etc. An LED display replicates the lamp sequence and visual pattern of the device. A three position power switch allows you to choose Hi or Low light intensity.


  • Eight TIR3 Super LED lamps
  • TACTLD1 Control Head Included
  • Flush Mount, Black Extruded Aluminum Housing
  • 15 foot cable

TACTL5 Control Head (Included):

  • Hi/Low Light Intensity Settings.
  • Four Position Operating Mode Switch (Left, Right, Split and Flash).
  • Front Panel LED Display Replicates Actual TA Pattern.
  • AUX On/Off switch that allows the operator to activate a remote device (10 Amp max).

Left, Right and Split Mode Patterns:

  • Single Lamp Sequence w/End Comet Flash
  • Single Lamp Sequence (Double Sweep)
  • Sequence On/Sequence Off (Double Sweep)
  • Sequence On/Sequence Off (Flicker)

Flash Mode Patterns:

  • ModuFlash
  • ActionFlash

TAM83 Size: 1-3/4' H x 2-3/16' W x 30-3/8' L

Control Head Size: 2' H x 6' W x 3.5' D.

Whelen Five Year Warranty

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