SoundOff nFORCE 6 LED Deck Grille Light - White

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The SoundOff nFORCE 6 LED Deck and Grille Light (Model ENFSGS1) uses Nexus Technology to provide Intense Forward and Off-Angle Illumination. nFORCE is the first full-line family of perimeter lighting products on the market designed to integrate aesthetically and functionally with today's evolved police vehicle designs. Early in the design phase, SoundOff Signal partnered with Tiger Design Studio to create a theme that would effectively blend with the next generation of police vehicles. Tiger Studio incorporated dynamic angles, crisp edges and sleek silhouettes to minimize size and integrate with new vehicle styling. SoundOff combined these design features with extremely bright Gen 3 LEDs and Sync2 Light Synchronizing to create a great compact deck and grille light.


  • Single, Split Color Configurations.
  • Six Gen 3 LEDs.
  • Single Color lights have 12 Flash Patterns.
  • Split Color lights have 24 Flash Patterns.
  • Sync2 Light Synchronizing (compatible with other nFORCE lights only).
  • Slave Mode/Secondary Feature is 10% brightness cruise mode for single color.
  • Slave Mode/Secondary Feature is 100% brightness steady-on of second color for split color.
  • Deck and Grille Mount Lighting.
  • Intense Forward and Off-Angle Illumination Driven by Nexus Technology.


  • SAE Class 1
  • Voltage: 10 - 16 Vdc
  • Current: <1.0 Amp @ 12.8 Vdc
  • Dimensions: 5.0' L x 1.88' H x 1.82' D.

SoundOff 5 Year Warranty

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