Santa Cruz SC-1 Pump Shotgun Lock - #H - Handcuff

SC-1 #H
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The ancestor of today's pump shotgun lock was designed by Smith & Wesson in the early 1930's. The original design was so good that it remained virtually unchanged for 54 years. In 1988 Santa Cruz further improved this time-tested gunlock by incorporating a manual key override into the design, so the lock could be opened even in the case of a power failure. Since then, the Santa Cruz camlock design has become the industry standard for pump shotgun locks - its simple, reliable and fits most standard pump shotguns. The SC-1 Gun Lock for Pump Shotguns is the strongest, safest, and best-made gun lock on the market. This gun lock will last longer than your cruiser and maybe even your weapon.


  • Lock activation is either electric or key.
  • An electric pushbutton and 2 keys are shipped with the lock as part of the install kit.
  • The two ways to open the lock (electric or key) work independently from each other.
  • Choice of Override Keys: #CA Barrel Key, #H Handcuff Key, or #2 Standard Key.
  • 2 keys are shipped with the #2 Standard Key version only.

Compatible with the following shotguns:

  • Benelli M3
  • Ithaca
  • Mossberg 590
  • Remington 870
  • Winchester 1300
  • Other standard pump shotguns.

Will not accept Remington Express or Marine Magnum.

The #CA- Barrel Key and the #H - Handcuff Key options are permitted on civilian orders.

The #2 - Standard Key can only be ordered with a Law Enforcement ID.

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