Pro-gard Rear ABS Door Panels - Dodge Charger

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2015-Current Dodge Charger Rear ABS Door Panels

Fleets that need to maintain maximum control while confining prisoners will appreciate the smooth flat surface of Pro-gard's ABS Rear Door Panels. Pro-gard's ABS Rear Door Panels completely eliminate door lock and latch and window controls in the back seat. Pro-gard's flat surface design also eliminates the protrusions of the OEM panels that can otherwise prove to be points of counter leverage for prisoners when loading and unloading into the vehicle.


  • ABS Rear Door Panels eliminate any prisoner access to interior window controls and door locks and latches.
  • ABS Rear Door Panels do not impact or alter exterior door latch/lock controls.
  • ABS Rear Door Panels are a smooth, easy to clean surface that resists pathogens and germs with normal routine cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Product design affords a clean, finished look to the interior.
  • Designed to enhance and maintain proper prisoner control.
  • Will not interfere with side curtain airbag deployment.
  • Easy and quick to install for minimal downtime.
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