BBS-TEK Self-adjusting Medium Duty Backup Alarm

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The BBS-TEK Self-adjusting Medium Duty Backup Alarm (A1399) is part of a series reversing alarms that use broadband sound technology (BBS-TEK). The BBS-TEK BACKALARM addresses the two major problems of the conventional bleeper: difficulty in locating the sound source directionally, and noise pollution. It emits a non-strident sound that is fully directional and is equally effective at 5 dB(A) lower than conventional bleepers.

The BBS-TEK BACKALARM gives an urgent but friendly 'Shh ... Shh ... Shh ...' sound. Broadband sound gives the brain many clues as opposed to pure tone sound that cannot be localized. The term broadband is derived from the use of a sound that covers a wide range of frequencies all at the same time. Pure tone emergency sirens, for example, are difficult to localize.

The SA-BBS-97 model (A1399) is a self adjusting, medium duty, market leading white sound reversing alarm. It is ideal for vehicles working in widely differing ambient noise levels. BBS-TEK Backup Alarms are the safest reversing alarms on the market.

A1399 Features:

  • Model: SA-BBS-97
  • Product Code: A1399
  • Decibel ratings: Self-adjusts from 77 to 97db.
  • Alarm continually adjusts to 5-10dB above ambient: Yes
  • Frequency (KHz): Multi (broadband)
  • Instantly locatable: Yes
  • Sound confined to danger area: Yes
  • Eliminates noise nuisance: Yes
  • Sounder unit: Driver
  • Mechanical vibration: Rated @ 10G
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • CE Marked: Yes
  • SAE J994: Yes
  • NAS/PIEK approved for night-time delivery: Yes
  • Hole centre (mm): 98-108
  • Volts: 12-24Vdc
  • Max Current: 1 Amp
  • IP Rating: 68
  • Size (WxHxD): 127mm x 76mm x 65mm

BBS Lifetime Warranty

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