Whelen Replacement Slide Bolt Mounting Kit #9S (1 Pair)

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This is Whelen's Replacement Slide Bolt Brackets for the Flat Surface mounting of 48'/55' Whelen Lightbars such as on Headache Racks or Crossbars.

This Kit can also be used to convert any of Whelen's Mini Lightbars that have an Aluminum Base to Slide Bolt mounting.

This Kit is compatible with the following Whelen Lightbars:

  • Century Mini Lightbars - 16 and 23 Inch
  • Freedom Full-Size and Mini Lightbars
  • Justice Full-Size Lightbars
  • Legacy Full-Size and Mini Lightbars
  • Liberty Full-Size and Mini Lightbars
  • Responder R2LPHPA Mini Lightbars
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