OPS PIU 2020 Series Single Drawer with Radio Cover

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The single drawer with radio cover allows  the user to mount the radio equipment safely on top of the drawer. The cover is then installed overtop with perforation for wiring. The unit is backed by an OPS limited lifetime warranty. 

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The Single Drawer with Radio Cover is a cost-effective way of securing and protecting your radio equipment. Just mount your radio equipment on top of the single drawer and install the radio cover on top. The perforations in the front and sides allows for air movement so that your electronics don’t overheat.


  • Top & drawer face powder coat black
  • Cylinder key lock on bottom drawer only
  • Rubber mat inside bottom drawer only


  • DIMS: (17.5″H x 40″W x 20″D)
  • 200lbs drawer slides
  • COMPATIBILITY: 2020 Police Iterceptor Utility

OPS limited lifetime warranty

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