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TruckVault brand products for sale at SIRENNET.

TruckVault Logo Why buy TruckVault?
  1. HEAVY DUTY PUSH-BUTTON LOCKS - Five Button combination locks with key-override for easy access and provides premium protection and security.
  2. PROTECTS FROM CONDENSATION - TruckVault Secure Storage Systems put a stop to potentially damaging moisture buildup
  3. PROTECTS FROM DUST & GRIT - Sealed tight from the elements, TruckVault Secure Storage Systems keep your gear grit-free
  4. STRONGER AND LIGHTER - Constructed of tough MDO, TruckVault Secure Storage Systems are stronger than metal or plastic and travels silently
  5. PROVEN FIRE PROTECTION - TruckVault Secure Storage Systems insulate stored equipment from extreme heat and damaging fire

Give us a call at 503-670-4700 or e-mail and we will gladly help you with all your TruckVault product needs.