SoundOff White/Red LED Dome Light - Universal Mount


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SoundOff LED Interior Dome Lights are designed with law enforcement in mind, to reduce officer targeting and improve officer safety. They are designed to cast a soft red glow which enables you to see inside your vehicle, yet still allows you to see what's going on outside. The red light allows officers the ability to see outside their vehicle, so no one can creep up and surprise them from the shadows. This Red LED light also prevents eye fatigue while providing officers with reliable interior lighting. These Dome Lights are surface mounts, which mean you don't have to cut out the headliner to install. The police vehicle model is compatible with the Dodge Charger, Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (Taurus based), and the Ford Police Interceptor Utility (Explorer based) only. The Universal Mount works for everything else.


  • Low profile, slim design.
  • Dodge and Ford Police model has a single ultra powerful White Gen3 LED and 8 Red Gen2 LEDs.
  • Red LED Night Light reduces officer targeting by offering red light inside the vehicle while being able to see what's going on outside the vehicle.
  • Dodge and Ford Police model is compatible with Dodge Charger, Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (Taurus based), and the Ford Police Interceptor Utility (Explorer based) vehicles only.
  • ON/OFF switch on new design moved to the side of the base for easy On/Off switching.
  • Universal Mount works for all other applications.
  • Universal Mount could be used as SUV tailgate/cargo lights and is perfect for command vehicles.
  • Surface mounts easily and simply installs without requiring cutouts in headliner.
  • Opaque white lens.


  • Input Voltage Range: 10 - 30 VDC
  • Current: less than 0.2 amps
  • Operating Temp: -40º to +65º C
  • Dimensions: 5.9' diam. x 1.0' h

SoundOff 5 Year No Hassle Warranty