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Whelen Hands Free Full Function 100/200 Watt Siren
List Price $453.00
Sirennet Price:  $294.45
Brand: Whelen
Part# 295SLSA1

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Product Literature
Installation Sheet

The Whelen Hands Free Full Function 100/200 Watt Siren (295SLSA1) siren offers a large, unique and distinctive collection of features designed to allow the user to customize the operation of this siren to suit their individual wants or needs. This is a compact, self-contained unit that is backward compatible to, and replaces the 295HFSA1/295HFSM1 with a slightly shallower in design for underdash/console mounting. The "Hands Free" feature lets you keep both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road and access three siren tones and On/Off. The Scan-Lock Tone Programming feature lets you choose from 17 siren tones to preset during siren installation via a momentary switch located on the back of the unit secures siren tones for agency standardization. Now you can access siren tones using the Scan-Lock feature or check on/off status of your siren via an icon on your video system. The 295SLS Series sirens are full function plus radio repeat and public address.


  • Selectable 100 or 200 watt output.
  • Power to drive two, 100-Watt speakers.
  • Hands-free operation lets you keep both hands on the wheel.
  • 17 user selectable Scan-Lock siren tones to choose from at time of installation.
  • Customize the placement of each siren tone on the rotary knob.
  • Simulated mechanical siren tones.
  • Harmonically-rich, composite Airhorn tones.
  • Meets Class A Sound Requirements
  • Title 13-compliant profiles
  • "Siren in use" icon driver.
  • Siren Interruption Control.
  • Radio Repeat.
  • Faceplate volume control knob.
  • Two manual functions allow for additional siren tone choices.
  • PTT (push to talk) switch on microphone overrides all siren functions.
  • Combination On/Off and horn ring transfer switch.
  • Hard-wired unidirectional microphone.
  • Adjustable preset radio repeat volume.
  • Input polarity protection.
  • Non-destructive output short circuit protection.
  • High and Low Voltage Shutdown.
  • External spade-type fuse.
  • Bi-polarity horn/ring control activation.
  • "Aux Enable" activates siren tones via input (slide switch, power controls or relay-to-ground connection).
  • Quick disconnect plug for ease of service or replacement.
  • SI TEST, fully diagnostic silent test of amplifier and speaker(s).
  • Adjustable intensity backlighting in soft LED non-glare green.
  • Adjustable bail bracket allows the mounting of the siren in a variety of positions.
  • Complements all Whelen's under dash products.
  • Input Voltage: 12 VDC ±20%
  • Input Current: 16 AMPS (TYP.)
  • Dimensions: 2-1/2" (63mm) H x 6" (152mm) W x 7" (178mm) D.
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 12 oz. (1.7kg)

Whelen Five Year Warranty on Amplifier

Part Number(s):  295SLSA1

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It’s the best device I’ve ever known. It’s lightweight, simple, but powerful. The sound is different from other types on the market. I would love to get it to check it live. Thank you!!!

Đó là một thiết bị hay nhất tôi từng biết. Nó gọn nhẹ đơn giản, nhưng đầy uy lực. Âm thanh phát ra khác hẳn những loại khác trên thị trường. Tôi rất muốn có được nó để kiểm tra trực tiếp. Xin cảm ơn!!!

   – 295SLSA1, on 07/12/17