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Whelen CenCom Sapphire w/ Handheld Controller Mic
List Price $1396.00
Sirennet Price:  $959.40
Brand: Whelen
Part# CCSRN35

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Product Literature
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The Whelen CenCom Sapphire Siren and Light Control System delivers what you have been asking for in a sleeker, tougher, and more advanced design. The CCSRN35 comes with a Hand-Held Controller Mic that has 3-Position Progressive Push Button Switches and 9 Programmable Push Buttons and a CCMICX20 microphone extension cord. CenCom Sapphire adds an integrated WeCan serial port for connecting your Whelen WeCan series lightbar directly to the Amplifier Control Module. No more bulky wires and secondary boxes to contend with. Just plug in and go!

Indicator LEDs have been added to each output creating a simple, way to troubleshoot shorted or broken connections in your vehicle's wiring. Fuses and connections are easily accessible without having to use any tools or remove any covers. All high current outputs are fused for your convenience.

New, heavy-duty power and output connectors can handle rough treatment without damage or accidental disengagement and are easily accessible on the front face of the Amplifier Control Module. Configuration programming is easier than ever with newly redesigned CenCom Sapphire software. CenCom Sapphire retains the highly regarded simplicity of our previous CenCom software, with new features and added flexibility; including the ability to configure your Whelen WeCan lightbar!

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  • Control your warning lights, siren and Traffic Advisor functions from a single keypad.
  • Solid-state outputs: one 40-Amp, two 20-Amp, four 10-Amp, and four 250-milliAmp.
  • Relay output: one 10-Amp Dry Contact Relay.
  • Lightbar: 1 Phoenix style connector for a WeCan Series lightbar.
  • Four positive or ground activated inputs, including a horn ring input.
  • NEW models include input expansion module for additional 8 positive or negative inputs (12 total).
  • Easy to configure using the included CenCom Sapphire Windows application.
  • Configured programs may be extracted, modified and stored for ease of service and reuse.
  • A USB port on the Amplifier Control Module provides easy access for programming. The control head need not be connected for programming.
  • Each button is individually customizable for numerous button types (Press on/Press off, momentary, etc).
  • Control head backlighting can be easily turned on or off for high visibility on patrol or blacked out for discrete night operations.
  • Brightly backlit push-buttons include standard function labels to choose from.
  • Rugged, aluminum-housed Amplifier Control Module is field-serviceable with easy access to fuses and connections.
  • Operates one or two 100-Watt siren speakers.
  • PA microphone with plug-in connector and 20 foot microphone cable are included (except with hand held models).
  • Includes all pigtails and connectors.
  • Rugged CAT-5 cable connects the control head to the Amplifier Control Module.
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable SAE, California Title XIII and NFPA requirements with various Whelen speakers.


  • Input Voltage: 12.5VDC +/- 20% (negative ground only)
  • Main Input Current: 80 Amps Max.
  • Standby Current: 100NA
  • Operating Temp: -30C to +60C
  • Storage Temp: -40C to +70C
  • Humidity: 99% (Noncondensing)

Siren/Amp Module:

  • Wail - 725 to 1600 Hz - 12 cycles/min.
  • Yelp - 725 to 1600 Hz - 180 cycles/min.
  • Piercer - 725 to 1600 Hz - 800 cycles/min.
  • Hi/Low - 550 to 650 Hz - 60 cycles/min.
  • Airhorn - Composite Constant
  • Audio Bandwidth - @25 Watts, 300 to 10000 Hz +/- 3db
  • Distortion - @25 Watts @1KHz, 1% Maximum
  • Output Voltage - @15VDC @11ohms, 24Vrms Maximum
  • Speaker Impedance - 5.5 Ohms Minimum

Outlet Current:

  • Outlet #1 - 40 Amps Max. (fused)
  • Outlet #2 - 20 Amps Max. (fused)
  • Outlet #3 - 20 Amps Max. (fused)
    Note: Total of Outlets 1, 2, 3 should not exceed 50 Amps.
  • Outlet #4 - 10 Amps Max. (fused)
  • Outlet #5 - 10 Amps Max. (fused)
  • Outlet #6 - 10 Amps Max. (fused)
  • Outlet #7 - 10 Amps Max. (fused)
  • Outlet #8 - 10 Amps Max. (fused)
    Note: Total of Outlets 4 – 8 should not exceed 50 Amps.
  • Outlet #9 - 0.25 Amps Max. (fused)
  • Outlet #10 - 0.25 Amps Max. (fused)
  • Outlet #11 - 0.25 Amps Max. (fused)
  • Outlet #12 (horn relay) - 0.25 Amps Max. (fused)


  • Siren/Amp: 8-1/4" (210mm) W x 6-3/4" (171mm) D x 3-1/8" (79mm) H.
  • Handheld Control Mic: 2-3/16" (56mm) W x 5-5/16" (135mm) D x 1-1/8" (29mm) H.

Whelen Five Year Warranty on the Complete CenCom System

Part Number(s):  CCSRN35

Whelen CenCom Sapphire w/ Handheld Controller Mic
Your Price: $34.45
part# 01-0418452-00

This CenCom Sapphire Supplemental Wiring Kit for Ford facillitates installing the CenCom Sapphire siren in certain Ford products. If you bought a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan or 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility with the "Road Ready" package, then you need this kit to properly install the CenCom Sapphire siren.

Whelen CenCom Sapphire w/ Handheld Controller Mic
Your Price: $3.99
part# 5439

These 10 foot, USB 2.0, A Male to B Male, 28/24AWG cables come with Gold Plated connectors, and are intended for use as data cables for programming Whelen WeCan lightbars and CenCom sirens.