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Super Vac Valor Series 20 Inch Hazardous Location Electric PPV
List Price $3450.00
Sirennet Price:  $2,760.00
Brand: Super Vac
Part# V20-EX

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Product Literature
Owner's Manual

The Super Vac Valor Series 20 Inch Hazardous Location Electric PPV (V20-EX) is an 20", single speed, hazardous location, electric PPV set on the innovative Valor frame. This is a very effective PPV for departments looking for a PPV to be used in hazardous and explosive environments. The V20-EX is powered by a motor rated for Class 1 Group D environments.


  • 7-Point Cast Aluminum Blade – holds up better than plastic in high heat
  • Precision Spun Steel Shroud – durability with maximum airflow
  • Full Roll Cage Aluminum Frame – protects key components – 15% lighter than steel frames
  • Solid Cushion Tires – heavy duty rubber, never flat, rolls up stairs and curbs
  • 5-Position Tilt Frame – positive and negative angles allow for placement on stairs, easy to maneuver for taller firefighters
  • StreamShaper Guard – standard guard designed for larger setback, air cone guard available by request
  • Fold Down Ergonomic Handle – folds down within frame for storage, easy grip with heavy duty gloves


  • Motor: Bluffton, single speed – hazardous location rated for Group 1 Class D, 1Hp, 60/50hz, 115/230V
  • HxWxD: 26" x 25" x 23" – 660mm x 640mm x 590mm
  • Blade Diameter: 20" – 508mm
  • Weight: 82 lbs – 37 kg
  • RPM: 1750
  • Start Requirements: 4000w – 15 amp circuit
  • Run Requirements: 1500w
  • Set Back: 6 ft
  • Angle: 18°
  • Output: 10,190 cfm – 17,310 cmh

*RPM is at 60Hz – for 50Hz – RPM and output should be multiplied by 5/6

Super Vac 5 Year Warranty

Part Number(s):  V20-EX