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Super Vac 18" PPV with POK 5.5 HP Water Motor

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The Super Vac 718WT is a Powerful 18" Water Driven PPV (Positive Pressure Ventilator) for use in extreme conditions. Powered by a POK 5.5 HP Water Turbine Motor, the unit is perfect for districts that include large commercial operations that may require the ventilation of hazardous atmospheres. The 718WT is cart style designed with rear mounted solid cushion wheels, a full height frame, and a tilt-up, full width handle for easy positioning and rapid deployment. The solid cushion wheels is designed with a "one step" braking system utilizing a single foot operated brake pedal to assure positive engagement to prevent the unit from rolling during operation. The 718WT will remain stationary while running at full fan speed.

The entire frame of the 718WT is constructed of square tubular steel that surrounds the shroud and the seven-blade 18" airfoil propeller in a roll cage design that enhances lifting and user safety. The blade is constructed of precision cast of aluminum alloy #A356. The blade is driven by the water powered motor that has a direct drive connection. The blade is precision balanced and attached to the engine shaft with a split taper-lock bushing. The 718WT is powered by a 5.5 horsepower water motor using approximately 100 GPM while operating at 150 PSI. The 718WT has a 1.5 inch NST inlet and a 1.5 inch NST outlet. The shroud and the safety grill is designed as to provide maximum air velocity. The 718WT has a tilt control with four positions including one position that can direct airflow downward. The standard angle of air direction is 18 degrees above horizontal ground level and is equipped with a lever to set positions of the air flow to 20, 10, 0, and -10 degrees above and below horizontal level.

The front and rear safety guards are designed to OSHA and U.L. Standards to prevent accidental contact with the blade. The 718WT is tested to AMCA 240-95 for air movement and the air movement does exceed 16,830 cubic feet per minute. All components of the 718WT are 100% manufactured and assembled in the United States.


  • Model#: 718WT
  • Motor Manufacturer: POK
  • Motor Type: Water Turbine
  • Horsepower: 5.5 HP
  • Water Pressure Input Range: 100 - 250 PSI
  • Cubic Feet per Minute: 16,830 CFM
  • Height: 21.75"
  • Width: 22.00"
  • Depth: 18.75"
  • Weight: 76 pounds

Super Vac Warranty: The motor is covered by a Two (2) Year Warranty, all other parts are covered by a Five (5) Year Warranty.

Part Number(s):  718WT