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Sirennet SNLBL5 LED Lightbar
Sirennet Price:  $850.00
Brand: Sirennet
Part# SNLBL5

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Price: $850.00

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SNLBL5 Install

The Sirennet SNLBL5 LED Lightbar is sleek and versatile with a price point to fit any budget. The corner modules have 6 LEDs each and the inboards have 3 LEDs each. The takedowns are built with 3 LEDs for serious brightness and the alleys have 3 LEDs each. Low Profile Mounting Feet can be adjusted up to 1.25" on each side of the light bar to allow for positioning the feet to best match the contour of the vehicle roof. You can choose from either Headache Mount or Vehicle Specific Mount to mount this lightbar.

Please select Headache, Permanent or Vehicle Specific Mount from the drop-down list near the Add to Cart button.

Please call for custom configurations.

48 Inch SNLBL5 Features:

  • 10 - 3 LED inboard modules designed with TurboOptic to deliver maximum intensity at an affordable price.
  • Flashing Alleys and Takedowns Function Standard.
  • 2 - 3 LED Takedown modules for serious intensity.
  • 4 - 6 LED corner modules.
  • 2 - 3 LED Alley modules.
  • Dimming capability standard.
  • Cruise mode standard.
  • Bar can be wired to both negative or positive vehicle electrical systems.
  • Replaceable Lexan outer lens.
  • Dimensions: 48" (121.9cm) L x 2.3" (5.8cm) H x 12.3" (31.2) W.

Sirennet 5 Year Warranty


Sirennet SNLBL5 LED Lightbar
Your Price: $14.95
part# 83-0115

The AFS Heat Shrink Gasket is a Single Entry Lightbar Cable Seal with Heatshrink Gasket Assembly. Perfect for sealing the hole in the roof of a vehicle where the cable goes through. No need to use silicone or wonder if the seal will hold, our Lightbar gasket is 4-1 heat shrink! 

Technical Data:

  • Fast Shrinkage upon heat application above 120° C.
  • Continuous operating temperature range from -55° C to 135° C.
  • Meets or exceeds standard specifications for Cable Entry Seals – ASTM F1837M.
  • Flame Retardant with a flammability rating of non-burning – ASTM D-635.
  • NEMA category 4X rated.


L: 1.25", ID: 0.75", Hole: 1"