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Santa Cruz SC-934-5-A Rapid-Adjust Universal Overhead Gun Rack
List Price $284.99
Sirennet Price:  $227.99
Brand: Santa Cruz Gunlocks
Part# SC-934-5-A

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Price: $227.99

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The Santa Cruz SC-934-5-A Rapid-Adjust Universal Overhead Gun Rack is fully adjustable, allowing the new SC-6 Universal Gun Lock to slide and lock into any position along the length of the 24 inch mounting bar. This enables users to quickly adjust the gun rack to properly fit their firearm. The SC-934-5-A is universal in nature, and may be used to secure a broad spectrum of firearms overhead on a roll bar.

Installation kit components included:

  • 1 x SC-6 Universal Gun Lock (specify key: Standard #2 or Handcuff)
  • 1 x SC-1900 Adjustable Butt Plate or SC-1901 Solid Aluminum Butt Plate
  • 1 x SC-503 24 Inch Flat Bar
  • 1 x SC-9903 L-Bracket
  • 2 x SC-932 Roll Bar Mounting Bases
  • 2 x SC-9906 U-Bolts
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Installation Instructions

Undercover Bar shown in pictures sold separately.

The Handcuff Key option is permitted for civilian orders.

The Standard Key can only be ordered with a Law Enforcement ID.

Part Number(s):  SC-934-5-A, SC-934-5-A, SC-934-5-A, SC-934-5-A