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Overland GLT-740 Adjustable Gunlock Timer
Sirennet Price:  $31.00
Brand: Overland Safety
Part# GLT-740

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The Overland GLT-740 Adjustable Gunlock Timer allows and officer to determine how long he wants his or her weapon lock to remain in the unlocked position. A Quick adjustment of the turn knob changes the amount of time that current is supplied to the solenoid releasing the lock. The adjustment range is from 5 seconds to 35 seconds.

The minimum time is for interior mounts where the weapon is within reach. It keeps the lock open for a short amount of time and if the officer chooses not to deploy the firearm, it automatically locks back down.

Longer delay times are for rear cab and trunk mounts, and the momentary release switch can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle. Placing the momentary release switch in the trunk itself is our personal recommendation for any weapons secured in the trunk as you never know what you will encounter when exiting the vehicle.


  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current: Fused at 15 Amps
  • Size: 4.18" L x 1.62" W x 0.87" H.
  • Weight: 2 oz.

Overland 1 Year Limited Warranty

Part Number(s):  GLT-740