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Gamber-Johnson 9" Locking Slide Arm w/ Standard Attachment
List Price $326.51
Sirennet Price:  $193.95
Brand: Gamber-Johnson
Part# 7160-0220

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7160-0220 Flyer
7160-0220 Install

Placement: Any Upper or Complete Pole, Low Profile Brackets or directly to any flat surface (backing plate is included with product).
Tilt: Yes - the Motion Attachment (CLEVIS 0-90) tilts up to 90 degrees fore.
Rotate: Motion Attachment (CLEVIS 0-90) rotates 360 degrees. The entire arm also rotates 360 degrees and can lock at every 15 degrees.
Dimensions: 4.01" H x 3.95" W x 11.94" D.
Construction: Heavy gauge steel
Finish: Black powdercoat
Weight: 6.65 lbs
Item Number: 7160-0220

- Patent Pending design.
- Utilizes Slam and Lock technology - you simply push the computer back to the retracted position and it automatically locks into place.
- Motion Attachment can rotate 360° allowing for maximum flexibility in computer placement.
- The entire arm can rotate around 360° with locking points at every 15°.
- To rotate the arm simply pull the front lever out, rotate to desired position and then release the lever.
- Locking slide arm can telescope 9" to 13" from the center of the pole.
- Heavy duty, spring loaded steel, side pin was tested to 50,000+ cycles.
- Can be mounted directly to a flat surface or on any Upper Tube, Complete Pole, Center Pole or Low Profile Bracket.
- Heavy gauge steel construction for long-term durability.
- Black powdercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance.

Part Number(s):  7160-0220