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Federal Signal HighLighter Split-Color LED Mini Lightbar
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Brand: Federal Signal
Part# 45430x

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Product Literature
Installation Sheet

The Federal Signal HighLighter LED Mini Lightbar features Federal Signal's patented Solaris LED reflector technology provides 360-degrees of continuous light output for substantially improved off-axis warning. HighLighter LED units incorporate Federal Signal's ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry) technology, which eliminates 85% of potential failure points. The end result: Dependable and continuous visual warning with fewer repairs and a lot more time on the job. Incredibly versatile HighLighter LED mini lightbars offer a broad array of two or three color combinations (clear dome only). In addition to the longer-life that LEDs offer, the HighLighter LED features multiple flash pattern synchronization capability and pattern selection with Federal Signal's unique Magnet Select feature. Combine this with the highly-efficient design of the Solaris LED reflector, and the HighLighter LED provides a dependable 360-degrees of light output. HighLighter mini-lightbars offer the installation flexibility of two mounting options: permanent mount and suction-cup magnetic. Permanent mount HighLighter units can also be either wired together or integrated with other Federal Signal LED lighting for a completely synchronized warning system.

This full-featured LED mini-lightbar is the choice for work truck applications such as DOT, utility, construction, snow plows, police and volunteer fire that require long service hours. As easy to install as they are to switch from one flash pattern to the next.HighLighter's suction-cup magnet mount model include a cigarette lighter plug and built-in ON-OFF switch that makes them simple to install and just as simple to operate. Incorporated into the top of the LED dome is Federal Signal's innovative MagnetSelect feature (patent pending) that enables users to quickly, easily select from more than 20 flash patterns using a simple magnet. The HighLighter LED stands at an impressive 3.0" high with a footprint of 15.3" long and 8.4" wide. All HighLighter LED models meet SAE J845 Class 1 requirements (SAE J1318 Class 1, 2009).

This is a Special Order item. Special order items are non-cancelable, non-returnable, and non-refundable. All sales for special order items are final.

Available Mounts and Colors:

  • 454300HL-AR Suc-Mag/Amber-Red
  • 454300HL-AB Suc-Mag/Amber-Blue
  • 454300HL-AW Suc-Mag/Amber-White
  • 454300HL-BR Suc-Mag/Blue-Red
  • 454300HL-BW Suc-Mag/Blue-White
  • 454300HL-RB Suc-Mag/Red-Blue
  • 454300HL-RG Suc-Mag/Red-Green
  • 454300HL-RW Suc-Mag/Red-White
  • 454300HL-GW Suc-Mag/Green-White
  • 454300HL-BWB Suc-Mag/Blue-White-Blue
  • 454300HL-RWR Suc-Mag/Red-White-Red
  • 454301HL-AR Permanent/Amber-Red
  • 454301HL-AB Permanent/Amber-Blue
  • 454301HL-AW Permanent/Amber-White
  • 454301HL-BR Permanent/Blue-Red
  • 454301HL-BW Permanent/Blue-White
  • 454301HL-RB Permanent/Red-Blue
  • 454301HL-RG Permanent/Red-Green
  • 454301HL-RW Permanent/Red-White
  • 454301HL-GW Permanent/Green-White


  • These Split-color models are available with a wide variety of color combinations.
  • Solaris LED reflector maximizes LEDs for 360 degree coverage and 90 degrees off-axis.
  • Twenty-one selectable flash patterns with synchronization capability (Permanent Mount only).
  • Pattern selection is accomplished using innovative Magnet Select feature.
  • Two mounting options: permanent mount and suction-cup magnetic.
  • Domes are Clear only.

Technical Specs and Approvals:

  • Approvals: SAE J845, Class 1
  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Amp Draw: 6.0 max (Note: Total amp draw depends on flash pattern used.)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): - 15.3 in (38.8 cm) x 8.4 in (21.3 cm) x 3.0 in (7.6 cm)

Federal Signal Five Year LED Warranty

WARNING: Under no circumstance should a magnetic mount light be used on a vehicle in motion. Doing so will violate all warranties and eliminate the possibility of returns or exchanges.

Part Number(s):  454300HL-AR, 454300HL-AB, 454300HL-AW, 454300HL-BR, 454300HL-BW, 454300HL-RB, 454300HL-RG, 454300HL-RW, 454300HL-GW, 454300HL-BWB, 454300HL-RWR, 454301HL-AR, 454301HL-AB, 454301HL-AW, 454301HL-BR, 454301HL-BW, 454301HL-RB, 454301HL-RG, 454301HL-RW, 454301HL-GW