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Code 3 Z3 Remote Siren
List Price $1267.64
Sirennet Price:  $718.75
Brand: Code 3
Part# Z3

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Product Literature
Installation Sheet
User Manual

The Code 3 Z3 Remote Siren makes the Officers job easier!

  • Easy to operate control head with 3 distinct zones:
    • Sirens & primary lighting (red),
    • auxiliary lighting and other equipment (blue),
    • and traffic or warning function (yellow).
  • Different size and shape buttons are quickly found allowing you to operate all the light and siren functions without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Buttons are also backlit and change color.
  • Programmable 3 level slide switch with a programmable 4th position!
  • 8 programmable auxiliary buttons (2 can be programmed for positive or ground switching).
  • 5 programmable siren buttons (program different tones for each one).
  • ArrowStik functions can be programmed for different flash patterns and speeds for each direction, as well as the warning flash pattern itself.
  • Backlit brightness is now officer adjustable just like the dashboard dimmer switch giving you the appropriate lighting for your eyes!
  • PA microphone volume can also be adjusted by the officer should the need arise to meet varying noise conditions.
  • PA stuck mic sensor automatically returns the siren to normal function should the microphone switch get stuck in PA mode.
  • Built in "Battery Voltage Check" Sensor shuts down lights and sirens when voltage runs below a programmed setting. No more dead batteries!
  • Sleep Mode Timer to shut the lights and siren off after a specific preset time if the ignition is turned off.
  • Horn-ring transfer allows you to effortlessly scroll through siren functions on the steering wheel without having to take your eyes off the road.
  • Built in Park Kill to automatically turn lights and siren functions off when the vehicle is put in park.
  • This feature is also designed for positive or ground inputs so that park kill can also be activated by other inputs.
  • Built In Siren lock function that does not allow siren tones to come on until emergency lighting is activated.
  • All of these great features can be programmed in a snap to your specific needs!

The Code 3 Z3 Remote Siren makes the Fleet Manager and Installers job easier!

  • Intuitive Configuration Software easily loaded onto any PC using Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7.
  • Programming is so easy that a Z3 can be completely configured and set up ready for your specific fleet in less than 5 minutes.
  • USB connection allows siren configuration to be downloaded to the amplifier in seconds.
  • Program can be saved and then downloaded to multiple amplifiers in minutes making the programming of multiple sirens quick and easy.
  • All connections are done with plugs and connectors that snap in quickly and firmly.
  • All fusing is easily accessible for quick changes should one blow, and the control head gives a visual indication of which fuse has blown.
  • Control head connection is done with one data cable.
  • PA microphone is connected to the control head itself and not the amplifier box, no long interface cable needed for the microphone anymore.
  • Programming is stored in the amplifier box and not the control head. If a control head goes bad simply attach another one and it will instantly work with the existing amplifier box.

General Specifications:

  • Control Head: 6.80" L x 3.30" H x 1.07" D.
  • Amplifier: 9.75" L x 6.832" W x 3.936" D.
  • Light Control Current Load:
    • 3-Level Switch, 4 Outputs, 50 Amps Maximum Combined Total
    • 4 Auxiliary Switches A thru D: 5 Amps Maximum Each Aux
    • 4 Auxiliary Switches E thru H: 10 Amp Maximum Each Aux
  • Total Siren Output Capacity: 200 Watts (can drive two 100 Watt speakers)
  • Operating Voltage: 10-15 VDC (negative ground)
  • Operating Temperature: -22F to +149F (-30C to +65C)
  • Meets SAEJ1849, California Title 13, and 2004/104/EC when properly configured

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

Part Number(s):  Z3